Hey everyone,

We are SO SO close! Last night we went over the 35k mark!

It’s an ‘all or nothing’ campaign, which means that if we don’t hit our target of 40k by Thursday morning at 11:39am London Time, we lose the lot.

If you haven’t contributed, do it now!

A wonderful human who makes jewellery donated the piece above. It’s worth £2300.00 pound. It’s been made especially for us to raise money and FOR JUST A TENNER it could be yours in time for Christmas!

It’s a one off. And those are diamonds…

These kind…

– 18ct white gold necklace

– 28ct Pair of yellow diamond pear shapes

– 12ct Pair of Blue Diamonds

– 40pts Oval Rose Diamond

For every TEN POUND you pledge, you have an entry. If you haven’t donated, now is the time to get your chance to WIN this gorgeous piece, right before Christmas!

We did have it at £100 pound per entry, but have been told off for making it too high! So now it’s a tenner so everyone can get a go.

Donate now!

In other news, we have a FACEBOOK LIVE event planned for THIS WEDNESDAY,  at 7:30pm, where we will be chatting to Tim Benepal (Oncologist) and Liz Bulter (Nutritionist) about Diet and Cancer and some of the things we are confused about.

There is quite a buzz about it. You will want to tune in. Check out the Facebook page at 7:30pm London time.

So team. We are over 35k. We are so close. We can’t get this far and fail now. If you haven’t donated and really want to see this film made…

Now is absolutely the time.

If you have donated and fancy slipping in an extra tenner… or you won the lotto… or you have a tax refund and are feeling like getting on board a really good cause…

Donate now!

Every penny counts.

Thank you, you wonderful people. Your support has meant the world

More soon.