Hey everyone,

So I have been to the dentist and everything in the tooth department has settled.

Phew. Which means the time has finally come to draw the raffle!


This Thursday morning the 22nd at 9am London time we will be going LIVE on Facebook to draw the lucky winner!

Make sure you tune in for that!

(Forgive me, I did post on Facebook 8pm Londontime, that was a mistake).

In the meantime, now that we have completed our target, discussions and plans have begun on the next phase!

We are planning to kick into editing gear for February. The edit is scheduled to take about three months. We might extend, depending on developments in the medicine and cancer worlds and having to shoot more…

…and also depending on the edit process itself. Have you ever used iMovie or the like to make a home video? If you have, you will know it’s not always easy to put a film together!

We have over a hundred hours of footage and some complex and fascinating stories to tell – it’s going to be a challenge, but the very best kind and we truly can’t wait to tackle it.

Stay tuned – we will keep you updated through the whole thing.

If you didn’t already know, we have started a Youtube channel. Here you can find all of our uploads from Facebook. Deleted scenes, Facebook lives, off the cuff interviews – the works!

One easy place to find everything. Check it out here.

Thanks everyone. Truly. Your ongoing love and support is just wonderful.

More soon.