The Wall of Colours

Hi everyone,

I hope you had a fab weekend doing something that made smiles.

So yesterday I had my first session with our new assistant editor, Paul.

He’s a fine chap, and he’s keen to learn. In exchange for his services I will be teaching him about documentary making, in particular editing.

Welcome to the team Paul!

You will be getting to know him a bit better as we progress with the edit.

You can check out our intro video to him here.

Otherwise one of my favourite parts of the editing process has begun. The wall of colours.

Some might say it’s an excuse to spend money on cool colourful stuff at a stationary shop… and it is

But it’s also an incredibly useful and practical way of editing the film from a macro perspective before you even touch the footage.

Using post-it notes & sharpie pens we will literally be covering the walls with colours… all so we can see and edit our film whenever we want.

So I ask you to…

If you’ve contributed to the campaign, then you should have your recipe from Surinders family by now.

Has anyone had a go cooking it yet? If not, waste no time. It’s perfect winter food and so so yummy.

And take a photo of what you make and send it to us – we will share it on social media!

This is what my mum came up with. Looks great doesn’t it?

And we have a very interesting shoot happening this week.

It’s all about the cancer act, new therapies and some interesting aspects on how treatment is approved in the UK.

We have been given some phenomenal access to a couple of individuals and their current journey with the above, and it looks like the beginning of a very interesting story thread. 

More on that as and when we can reveal it. 

In the meantime, stay tuned for more updates as the machine continues to build momentum once again. 

Thanks for the support everyone. More soon!

Much love,