Hi everyone, 

So last week, Cinematographer extraordinaire Greg Luscombe and I filmed the beginning of our new story thread. 

We met with some interesting individuals who had a lot to share on the topic of the Cancer Act and how that impacts people’s treatment options. 

However at this stage I still can’t tell you much more, mainly due to the fact that we aren’t sure how we can use the story yet… I can only tease you with images like this one. 

It was a great shoot, I am very pleased with it. Greg did a brilliant job filming it. 

Speaking of brilliance…  I would like to introduce you to none other than the lovely Greg Luscombe, one of our films Cinematographers. 

Over the past two years the filming has had to be split between six different cinematographers, including myself. 

Of the six, Greg and a lovely fellow by the name of Alfredo De Juan have been responsible for most of it. I’ll talk more about Alfredo later… but for now, meet Greg (on the left). 

This was taken at the end of 2015, right after a very hectic shoot. We were shattered… and in need of some grooming. Forgive our shabbiness!

Greg is from South Africa and whenever we work together I try to imitate his accent. Its failure always results in him mocking me. He’s terrific, the kind of guy you would want by your side in a difficult situation.

He’s got a good eye for images and story, which is invaluable for this kind of film. Especially when I have had to send him out to film on his own. I am eternally grateful to Greg for his work on this film. 

So a friend sent me this very interesting BBC article this week. It’s all about a centre in the US that offered treatment for cancer using an alkaline diet.


The basic idea of alkaline diets, in its crudest explanation, is that certain foods can affect the acidity and pH of bodily fluids which can be used to treat cancer.

However there is a lack of evidence to support this, and thus it’s not legal for people to offer as treatment in the UK.

The take on this BBC article about this diet and a clinic in the USA which offers treatment is of great concern… as the patient in the article passed away.

It’s a good illustration of why some of the health professionals we have spoken to for the film believe that the Cancer Act is important – it protects people from paying large sums of money for treatments which, in their words, ‘don’t work’.

What are your thoughts?

Loads of people are on alkaline diets, including Surinder. If you are, share your experience with us and what you feel about this article. Have you been to a clinic like the pH Miracle Ranch and paid for such treatments?

Simply reply to this email, we are really interested in hearing your thoughts. 

Much love,