Hi there everyone,

How’s everyone’s January shaping up so far?

Movement is happening in our film’s world as we gear up for our edit in Feb.

However we have had a couple of interesting new developments, including a new story thread to follow!

It’s early and very new, and there’s not a lot I can share about it right now… but it involves the High Court and the Cancer Act in the UK.

It’s really interesting.

Just what is the Cancer Act?

Basically it’s a law that prevents anyone from claiming something cures cancer which isn’t approved by the government.

It’s an important law that protects you and me from someone falsely claiming something works, when it doesn’t, and taking advantage of a desperate need for solutions.

However there are many who feel it stands in the way of treatments that are very helpful… but simply haven’t been approved.

It’s complex, and it’s an important part of the discussion. We are looking at picking up on a story thread this month that looks into some of the above…

I will reveal more when I can.

But for now… who of you contributed to our crowdfunding campaign and are waiting for their rewards to be delivered?

Well fear not – the wonderful Lesley Thomas (mum extraordinaire) is on the case this week and next week, and will be in touch promptly with updates on delivery of whatever it is you’ve claimed during the campaign.

Thank you all for your incredible patience. If you chose the recipe from Surinders family I am certain you will love it. Here is a sneak peak of what mum came up with when she did a test run of it…

How good does that look? My mum made that. She is such a gun.

Otherwise, don’t forget to check out our Youtube channel. One easy place to find all of our video content.  Check it out here.

Thanks again for all of the support and more from us soon!

Much love,