Hey everyone,

First of all…


I don’t know about you, but 2017 this end has been one hell of a year.

We have a good feeling about the coming year and are very much looking forward to completing the film, and keeping you updated in the process.

Speaking of which, have you had a good breaK?

After the campaign finished in December, the team and I literally collapsed in a heap! But the time off has brought some rest and also inspiration for how we might tackle parts of the edit!

But before we do that – first things first. Transcriptions.

Would you believe that in making documentaries, one of the most important tools we use is transcriptions of everything that we have shot?

Here is an example.

It’s hard to believe isn’t it? But if you think about it… you’re knee deep in the edit and you remember someone saying something about their first trip to hospital…

Instead of scouring through hours of footage for it (which can take hours and hours every time you want to search for something)  you can pull up the transcription of where you think it might be and word search, say ‘first’… and see what comes up.


But seeing as we have quite a lot of footage, we have A LOT of transcribing to do. So we will be hiring some enthusaistic juniors to get typing-happy over January to get this process completed. 

Also, did you know we have started a Youtube channel? One easy place to find all of our video content?  Check it out here.

Happy January everyone. Thanks for the support and more from us soon!

Much love,